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December 26, 2008
Heights Alumni Hockey Games

Scores, stats and photos are on the right side of this page. More photos can be found here.

Rich Vojticek Memorial Award

Kirk Guenther presents the
Rich Vojticek Memorial Award
to Bill Tausz

The Rich Vojticek Memorial Award was presented to Bill Tausz, long-time coach and board member in the Heights youth hockey system.

The award honors Rich Vojticek, the long-time owner of Cleveland Sport Goods Company. It's bestowed as a tribute to those who have displayed dedication, principle and generosity over the years to the Heights Hockey system.

Previous Alumni Games

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2002 2001
Game 1: The "Geezers"
Black Gold

S. Regan (2)
C. Anderson (2)
B. Anderson
D. Wright

R. Rossbach (2)
R. Barle (2)
D. Brandt
M. Johnson
Skills Competition
Hardest Shot R. Rossbach
Fastest Skater R. Rossbach
Shooting Accuracy C. Anderson
Stats Photos
Game 2: The "Guysers"
Black Gold

C. Boehm (3)
E. Babcox (3)
C. Wyse (2)

T. Guenther (2)
P. Bauman (2)
Skills Competition
Hardest Shot C. Bogas
Fastest Skater C. Boehm
Shooting Accuracy P. Bauman
Stats Photos
Game 3: The "Whipper Snappers" 
Black Gold
P. Collins (2)
E. Babcox
P. Murray
E. Farris
L. Allen
B. Shoger

J. Houser
D. Holmes
J. Holmes
D. Crowell
Skills Competition
Hardest Shot J. Lavender
Fastest Skater P. Murray
Shooting Accuracy B. Winger
Stats Photos


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