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December 26, 2002
Heights Alumni Hockey Games

Nearly 80 players participated in the 2002 Heights Alumni Hockey Games. The three games were held on Thursday, December 26, during the first day of the Heights Holiday Tournament.

Results, score sheets and photos are on the right side of this page. More photos can be found here.

Note to Alumni and Friends of the Fund:

We would like to thank you for your participation and support of this year's alumni games. We would especially like to recognize alumnus Russ Dise (1975) as our major benefactor for this year's event.

Russ most generously provided all the game jerseys, including the printed names and logo. There is no way we can adequately thank him for this kind donation. He is such an enthusiastic hockey supporter. His vision of select midget hockey led to the creation of Team Ohio, which provides the opportunity for talented players to advance beyond the local levels of hockey.

Although Russ has officially moved his company, JetLease to a warmer climate, he has made it clear to all of us that his Cleveland hockey family is not forgotten.

The board members of the Barden Benner Carter Memorial Fund

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Game 1: The "Geezers"
Black - 5 Gold - 3
Goals scored by:
S. Regan (3)
C. Anderson
D. Brandt
Goals scored by:
B. Menges (2)
M. Lyman
Score Sheet More Photos

Game 2: The "Guysers"
Black - 8 Gold - 5
Goals scored by:
K. Guenther (4)
T. Guenther (2)
R. Allen
D. Gilliam
Goals scored by:
M. Bauman
P. Bauman
S. Bogas
P. Shriver
C. Wyse
Score Sheet More Photos

 Game 3: The "Whipper Snappers" 
Black - 5 Gold - 2
Goals scored by:
P. Neundorfer (3)
O. May (2)
Goals scored by:
B. Aber
J. Holmes
Score Sheet More Photos


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