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February 11, 2002
Memorial placed at the accident site

The families of Kyle, Brendon and Milton gathered on February 11, 2002 for the placement of a stone memorial at the site of the accident one year earlier.

This memorial joins a redwood tree and flowers that were planted at the site in the fall of 2001. The redwood tree was donated and planted by Mark Derrickson of Ardmore Tree Service. Flowers were planted with the supervision of Sue Ruflin.

This Redwood Tree
Was Planted In Honor Of

Kyle H. Barden
Brendon R. Benner
Milton C. Carter II

Best Friends
Who Lived Their Lives To The Fullest

Forever In Our Hearts
Our Memories And Dreams

Their Spirit Is In Your Safekeeping

February 11, 2001
Three ribbons on a tree near the memorial.
Sticks are arranged to form the letters M, K and B.


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